Name and position

Jakeb Pont, Control Systems Engineer

Qualification/degree, University, and year you graduated

Bachelor of Computer Systems Engineering (Honours) from University of Newcastle, 2021

How long have you been with Solutek?

13 months

What's your dream job?

I don’t necessarily have a dream job position/title, but ajob that provides me with the life I want outside of work while having enough fulfilment through the job to keep me interested.

My dream job would provide me with:

  • No financial stress for a family
  • Be able to afford the finer things and holidays
  • Reasonable working hours to enjoy time with friends, families, and hobbies etc.

What attracted you to working at Solutek?

Solutek had people I believed I could learn from, as well as a schedule where I would split time between on site and in the office. There's a mixture of large-scale projects and ad hoc jobs which occur day by day keeping things interesting and current.

What's an average day or week look like for you?

I usually spend 4 days working remotely most often from the office with the option of working from home. On these days I will tackle ad hoc jobs which come up at different sites we manage, or work on pre work for large-scale projects. I usually spend the other day of the week on site implementing the pre work which has been completed in the office or tackling more hands-on jobs which require my assistance in a non-remote setting. While working remotely or on site I will spend time corresponding with customers, building relationships in both a personal and occupational sense.

How do you measure success and fulfilment at work?

I measure my daily personal success and fulfilment on solving problems for customers and gauging their satisfaction, and considering the difficulty of the solution. For example, a problem which is more difficult to solve will provide more fulfilment and the satisfaction of the customer will add to that.

I measure my long-term personal success and fulfilment by the quality of life I can live outside of work with family and friends. This is certainly tied to my income, but the workload must be balanced to enable that quality of life.

What gets you excited and pumped about work?

Seeing my colleagues each day is the most enjoyable part. Knowing that everyone is going to be in the office certainly gets me more pumped than a quiet day in the office.

What's it like working in a small team?

Everyone is very informed of each other’s personal and work life. For personal lives I prefer it this way – it makes for easier conversation around things that aren’t work related. I also prefer it for work life as we all know each other’s strengths and weaknesses and can prop each other up.

Why should others come and work with you at Solutek?

Good work environment with a business willing to invest in you. Provide you with the tools and assistance to improve your skills. Friendly team that has your back. Boss who understands the importance of your personal life and allows you to prioritise it when required.


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