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Solutek offers end-to-end operational technology solutions in automation and control engineering, as well as consultation services, with a site-wide perspective. Our solutions work in conjunction with existing site systems, processes and infrastructure. 

We have experience working across a range of standards, and can work with your existing standards, or help you develop and implement new standards to ensure projects and processes are as efficient and profitable as possible.

From full-process planning, to task or report modifications, Solutek can help your business get to the future, faster, wiser.



  • Instrumentation    
  •     PLC    
  •     SCADA    
  •     Historian (Server)    
  •     SPIRE (Reporting Software)


We provide end-to-end engineering and troubleshooting, with all components working together through a holistic approach to ensure a complete solution.


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PLC Programming icon
PLC Programming
At Solutek, we are proud to have a team of skilled PLC programmers who are experts in designing and developing automation solutions for our clients. Our PLC programming expertise is second to none, and we believe that our success in the automation industry is due in no small part to the skills and experience of our people. Our team possesses a wide range of PLC programming skills, including: Proficiency in multiple PLC platforms, including Allen Bradley, Siemens, and Schneider Electr...
SCADA Systems icon
SCADA Systems
At Solutek, we are experts in designing and implementing SCADA systems that help our clients achieve their automation goals. Our team possess a wide range of SCADA system skills, including: Proficiency in multiple SCADA platforms, including Citect, Experion, Wonderware, Ignition, and WinCC. Experience in developing custom SCADA applications for various industries, including manufacturing, utilities, and transportation. Expertise in integrating SCADA systems with other automation ...
Industrial Network Design  icon
Industrial Network Design
At Solutek, we understand the importance of industrial network design in creating reliable, efficient, and secure automation solutions. Our team possess a wide range of industrial network design skills, including: Proficiency in designing and implementing industrial networks using Ethernet, Profibus, Profinet, Modbus, and other industrial communication protocols. Experience in designing networks for various industries, including manufacturing, utilities, and transportation. Exper...
Service Agreements  icon
Service Agreements
As an industrial process control service provider, Solutek understands the importance of ensuring reliable and efficient operation of our clients' industrial control systems. Our service agreement is designed to provide comprehensive support throughout the entire lifecycle of our clients' process control systems, from design and implementation to ongoing maintenance and optimization.   Our service agreement includes: System Design and Implementation: Our team of experts will work wit...
Consultancy & Project Management icon
Consultancy & Project Management
As an industrial process control consultancy and project management firm, Solutek provides end-to-end support to our clients, from initial consultation and feasibility studies to design, implementation, and ongoing support. Our team of experts has extensive experience in a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, oil and gas, and water treatment, and we are committed to delivering high-quality, cost-effective solutions that meet or exceed our clients' expectations. Our consultanc...
SPIRE icon

SPIRE is a modular system built to cover all your operational technology needs. Each module is built to be configured to your site's specific needs, without needing to be developed from scratch. This means faster time to deploy and consistent operation across sites.

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