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SPIRE is a modular system built to cover all your operational technology needs. Each module is built to be configured to your site's specific needs, without needing to be developed from scratch. This means faster time to deploy and consistent operation across sites. You’ll be comparing apples with apples in no time. 

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SPIRE Modules


With an ever growing list of modules, SPIRE has your business covered.


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The SPIRE KPI (Key Performance Indicators) module provides a quick reference portal for viewing shift performance metrics. Combining near real time information and scaling target values to highlight progressive shift performance.

Allowing interactive visualisation of performance metrics viewed by shift, day, week, or month. Sophisticated charting capabilities and loading of data on demand provides rapid visualisation of key performance information.

The SPIRE KPI module provides the following benefits:

  • Centralised interface for viewing key performance indicators
  • Information is updated in near real time
  • Printable report of the displayed key performance indicator
  • Export data directly to Microsoft Excel
  • View graphical representations of data
  • Combines both actual and planning values and highlights deviations

The SPIRE Dashboard module provides instant insight into the operation of your plant, combining data from all SPIRE modules.

Displaying critical operational metrics through a set of unique and intuitive visual representations.

Any number of role specific dashboards can be configured to ensure that each employee has the information most critical to them.

The auto cycle allows a series of dashboards to be displayed in high traffic areas, promoting awareness of the plant operation.


The SPIRE Data Analysis module is used to interrogate large volumes of plant information for patterns and exceptions allowing rapid generation of information to support decision making.

Users can create and share custom views providing completely personalised reporting.

This dynamic reporting package delivers business intelligence to all your organisation.

With this tool information is never locked away in static reports, you have the power to present the information you require in the format and context you choose.

The SPIRE Data Analysis Interface provides the following benefits:

  • Microsoft SQL Server based data warehouse (OLAP Cube)
  • Saving, Loading and Sharing of Views
  • Hierarchical Drill Downs
  • Drag and Drop Interface
  • Built In Charting
  • Export to Excel

The SPIRE Delay Accounting module systematically captures production losses (full and partial) for each plant area and can intelligently auto-complete information.

The inbuilt charting allows for instantaneous analysis to focus on current issues.

Viewing delay information using the SPIRE Data Analysis module will identify problematic areas of production and common causality.

The SPIRE Delay Accounting Module provides the following benefits:

  • Intelligent capture of delay events
  • Capture of plant stop (full) and performance loss (partial) delays
  • Provides dynamic reporting via filtering and charting without leaving the interface
  • Capture of associated information such as temperature, seam, levels and set points; are fully incorporated into SPIRE Data Analysis
  • Fully customisable time model reporting
  • Export data directly to Microsoft Excel

SPIRE Operations Manager is an electronic shift log and planning tool. It has been designed to safely manage shifts and facilitate the knowledge transfer to the oncoming crew. 

The Production Scheduling component allows planners to effectively communicate production plans to plant operators ensuring clear communication and reducing costly mistakes. 

Operations Manager provides the following functionality: 

  • Full statutory auditable shift log 
  • Plant setting changes and Crew Assignments 
  • Supervisor pre-start inspections 
  • Safety checks and Statutory requirements 
  • Shift Production planning 
  • Shift Production Summaries and Inspection checklists 
  • Shift Log and Concern Tracking for shift Knowledge transfer 
  • Vessel shipment planning and tracking including quality 

SPIRE Train loading module provides planning, actual and reconciled data for site train loading to improve operational efficiency for technicians and planners.

The SPIRE Train Loading module allows further automation of existing train loading system. The system combines planning, consist, manifest and reconciled port data into a single interface.

The Train Loading Interface provides the following functionality:

  • Provide details of inbound trains
  • Centralised view of train reclaim planning
  • Integration with SPIRE Operations manager and Lab results
  • Transfer train consist and reclaim plans directly to site SCADA system
  • Full manifest history of loaded trains
  • Confirmation of dispatch handling
  • Port weights reconciliation

SPIRE lab results module provides an interface for technicians to enter lab data directly into the SPIRE reporting system. The SPIRE data processor will reconcile the information with live production data.

SPIRE lab results provides a two-stage data entry system by requiring all data to be validated by another user at a higher level.

The Lab Results interface provides the following functionality:

  • Data capture of lab results
  • Two stage data validation process
  • External facing website for offsite lab to enter data directly into SPIRE
  • Configurable areas and fields
  • Integration with SPIRE operations manager vessel planning

The ISA standard 18.2-2009 was developed specifically to detail an alarm management standard for the process industry. Part of the process is the automated capture and benchmarking of alarming. The SPIRE Alarm Analyser module is tool designed to manage the alarm life cycle as detailed in the ISA standard. It automatically captures & pre-processes alarms and events from site SCADA systems for analysis.

The SPIRE Alarm Analyser provides the following benefits:

  • Automatic Near Real Time Capture of Alarm/Events
  • Automated Alarm system performance and benchmarking
  • Determine top alarms, by count, chattering alarms & causality
  • Group alarms into function, process areas as well as equipment types
  • Detailed alarm analysis
  • Auditable sequence of events and operator commands
  • Saveable views of user generated analysis
  • Onboard Documentation to track/measure performance improvements
  • Integration into SPIRE Delay Accounting & Train Loading modules
  • Subscribe to Reports & analysis
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